How to Bathe Your Baby

Admittedly, Zen Mommy is super mommy as seen in this VIDEO! *wink* But there are a few handy items that make bathing baby easy. The Puj tub is one, which is why I chose it as Practical Mommy pick for NEW MOM gifts on my segment on Great Day St. Louis. That segment is posted here.

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  1. Love the part where C flirts with himself in the mirror! Love that guy!

  2. I’m sold! I can’t wait to use my Puj Tub. I have the tub, the shampoo and the baby towels and washcloths…NOW I JUST NEED THE BABY! 8 more weeks to go!
    Thank you, Zen Mommy!

  3. Wow, what a nifty product! Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this one! (And wishing now that I’d had it with both my kids when they were tinier.) Will definitely be looking into the puj tub more.

    Another great innovative baby tub is The Tummy Tub. Really great concept, too.