Expert Mommy: Secrets Girls Keep

Carrie Silver-Stock is a licensed clinical social worker. Her new book, Secrets Girls Keep addresses the fact that too many teen girls are trapped by their secrets. So much so that girls hide their depression, eating disorders, pregnancies, and sexual relationships.

Carrie’s hope is that when teens can begin to share their stories (& secrets) without judgment, they can begin to breakdown the walls of secrecy and ensure better choices for their futures. She says, “I know too many girls who struggle with feelings of low confidence, loneliness, rejection, and depression and then look to unsafe sex, drugs and alcohol for comfort and answers.”

Carrie founded to create a global movement where girls discover their power, passion and dreams. The mission is simple: girls will empower each other to build their best lives while learning how to take action and make a positive impact. Silver-Stock is passionate about inspiring teen girls to help them find their own way. As a former radio talk show host, speaker, social worker and life coach, she has advocated for young people for more than 15 years.

She has collaborated with and presented workshops for the Girl Scouts of America, St. Luke’s Hospital, and many schools and colleges. She contributes to The Glow Project magazine and has published articles in many media outlets. Silver-Stock is a founding member of the Billionaire Girls Club, a group igniting women to create billions in impact for global good, and served as an advisory board member for the Go the Distance Project.

Her first book, The Powder Box Secrets, won several awards, including the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award.

Carrie is also one of our Expert Mommies. Find out more about Secrets Girls Keep on the website.

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