How to Build-A-Business

Practical Mommy (Ria) and I spent two days at Bear Headquarters for Build-A-Bear in St. Louis (our own backyard!) with nearly 20 of the hippest online moms/bloggers from across the United States. The event was a Brand Building Workshop hosted by Build-A-Bear called Connecting in the CyBear Century.

It took Ria and I all of about 10 minutes to have our first “OMG” moment. How was #babwconnect? In a word, it was:

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How To Choose The Right Sunscreen

Summer is in full force. Are you wondering how you are going to survive? Keep your family safe and healthy by using the right sunscreen. Here are the key ingredients to look for. Happy summer!

by our Style Expert, Catherine Horgan

How Does Baby Einstein Help/Hurt Your Baby?

Our Expert Mommy talks about this controversial topic. I will admit, my babies watched Baby Einstein and I may have even given Baby Einstein DVDs as gifts! But I love how Dr. Sophia positions her point of view on baby “learning” videos and screen time in general.

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Sleep Secrets

A veteran mom, I know better than to brag on what good sleepers my little ones are. There is no surer way to reverse one’s good fortune and you AIN’T gonna hear these words coming from me… not even followed by “knock on wood!” But what I will do is share nearly a dozen sleep secrets with you that are sure to help both you and your sweet babies get some much needed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

And BTW, the reason I videoed these tips as opposed to writing them out is because my three week old twins are actually napping at the same time right this moment… and I knew I could get all this info to you if I sat for a minute and just told them to you. (Work smarter not harder, right?) Hope they help. [Read more…]

How Relationships Go the Distance

When we got married, our dear friends and officiants gave us this great little sign that reads, “Kiss slowly, forgive quickly.”  I literally look at this sign every day, but didn’t get the depth of its instruction until reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage.

I’m talking about forgiveness, as in your ‘daily bread’ variety.  People talk about it all the time like it’s the key to everlasting relationships, but I never understood what the big deal was. (Sometimes, I can be a little thick-headed.  I like to think that I’m not, but yeah, I can be.) [Read more…]

How to Celebrate Mom for Mother’s Day

Hannah Keeley is the mom of 7 and host of public TV show, Hannah Help Me! She’s got some tips for you on how you have a great Mother’s Day and empower your kids at the same time.

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How to Pick the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

In case you missed my segment on KMOV4 on Friday, we shared some ideas from some inventive and ingenious MOMS for Mother’s Day Gifts. I chatted with Matt Chambers about some really great products at 5:45 of this video.

For more information on these super cool moms and their great products, click the links below:
Alyson Garland, Dotdotdash, Mom Essential Apparel
Maggie Owens, Snap Decisions flip flops
Rachel Shelton, Sew Good & Trendy purses
Jenny Present Jewelry Collection

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Yoga Parenting Course Featured on Great Day St. Louis

Last Friday, Zen Mommy and Carol Daniels talked about the Yoga Parenting course. Suzanne shared tips with viewers on using some of the tools included in the 8-week online course: the signs, the time machine, and the bunny breath.

One of the things that I love about these tools as they aren’t just “gimicks.” They work — with kids of all ages, not just toddlers and preschoolers but also teens and grown children (even spouses)! *wink*

There’s a reason that they work and it’s all rooted in the brain and how we are wired as humans. The Signs work because as Suzanne explains to Carol, it disengages us from the power struggle. It also activates a different part of your child’s brain: the one that has to visually read the sign.

Bunny Breath works because it oxygenates the brain. When stressed, we operate from the brain stem, the most primitive part of the brain. When we breathe, we move up to the neocortex, where higher level thinking and learning occurs.

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Yoga Parenting Course Launch Party

In case you missed our party on March 16, here’s the replay! Along with our friends, Danielle and Kim and all of you in the chat room, we shared our parenting challenges and Michaela Turner gave us some advice on approaching them from the Yoga Parenting perspective.

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Yoga Parenting for Meetup Groups

Welcome Meetup friends!

Thank you for your interest in Yoga Parenting.

For a short time, this eight-week course is just $47 for Meetup Perk members only. That’s $50 OFF the normal course rate and includes a FREE Yoga Parenting Journal download once you are registered. And to help you get a sense of this course, we would like to send you Lesson One on Centering from this eight week course for FREE.

To take advantage of this special offer for select Meetup Members only, register by clicking on the Buy Now button here.