How to Pick Your New Mommy Wardrobe

postnatalLast week a very good friend of mine had her first baby. When I went to see my friend and her beautiful daughter in the hospital we talked about how the pain is more that one can imagine, but its all worth it. We talked about what the best clothes were to wear for breast-feeding and recovery. For those of us who have been through or are going through babydome, the first 2 months become somewhat of a blur. We almost robotically feed, change diapers and rest whenever we can. Somehow we manage to eat, shower and actually be a Mom to our other children and half the time not even remember how we did it. Then we take a look in the mirror with dark circles under our eyes, no make up, wearing what ever our burry vision could direct us to and undone hair. Some would say welcome to motherhood, but we know it’s just a temporary glitch because we have little lives to care for and get into a pattern. What can we do to get ourselves through the time and beyond? How can we organize ourselves to look the best with out to much hoopla? I have some ideas for you and if you organize it now before the baby or take a little time after the baby is born, you will save yourself time, stress and feel better. Sounds great doesn’t it?

  1. Select a drawer or section in your closet to place an entire outfit that fits you in post baby body. For example a comfy but not sloppy pair of pants and top such as yoga pants and roomy top. If you wear all one color it adds a sliming effect. Keep several of these outfits in a drawer so you don’t even have to think about what you are grabbing. It will save you time, energy and a lot of grief.
  2. Buy yourself a super cool hat. Hats are back and in all kinds of cute styles. If all you can manage is to brush your hair, throw on a great hat and look like a million bucks. This is perfect for the times when you can’t get in to get your roots touched up or just need a boost.
  3. Shoes, what can I say? We all need shoes don’t we? At this time in your life comfort is key but they need to be easy to put on. Fortunately there are so many cute styles out now for slip on flats. The reason I’m suggesting this is to save you time getting yourself together. When you have a toddler in one hand and a baby carrier in the other fiddling with shoes that have a lot of bells and whistles will prove to be tiresome.

The point here is to keep it simple. Save entering the high fashion world for a bit and focus on recovery and you kids. By creating an area in your closet or dresser for quick grab outfits, getting dressed and looking pulled together can be easier. When you are comfortable and feel like you look assembled it directly affects our psyche. You will be ready for visitors and trips to preschool. Simple basics can pull the whole look together and the only thing you will have to prepare yourself for are all the “Wow, you look great for just having a baby!” compliments that will come you way.

Image of Nursing Top from Due Maternity.

Expert Mommy, Julie Sprouse Verleger is the owner of Organized Home.

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