Of course you know that Zen Mommy is Pregnant… but times 2.0?! Yes, she’s pregnant with TWINS.

The cat’s out of the bag! My Mommy Manual and Kolcraft, along with our friends at Artistic Sensations and Viewpoints invite you to a Baby Shower like no other… Web 2.0-style! TOMORROW, November 3, 2009 11 am – 1 pm CST, tune in HERE and be part of the first live streaming virtual baby shower ever!

Click here to get to the LIVE streaming video and chat room! We’ve got over $2000 in BABY GEAR to share with you!


We’ll be celebrating Mommy-hood, as we love to do… with YOU! And of course, we’ll be sharing practical and inspired tips on how to create a meaningful and memorable baby shower for your pregnant loved ones in real life!

What’s on the agenda?
• How to Make a Labor Bracelet

• How to Capture Special Birth Moments

• How to Furnish a Nursery with www.ArtisticSensations.com

• How to Work with a Doula

• Special Guests: including Denise and Alan Fields, authors of the bestseller, Baby Bargains

What about gifts?
YOU get gifts! (We said this is a shower like no other, right?) Kolcraft and Artistic Sensations is giving 2.0 of everything in our silent auction to benefit Parents As Teachers Prenatal Program.

How can you support our charity partner? …lots of ways to play!
1) Leave a comment below with your bid for any of the items in the silent auction!
2) Click here to make a $1 donation to the Power of One raffle and a chance to win a POSH PURSE (valued at $129) from ArtisticSensations.com
3) Buy a Snap Stories book today (a portion of the proceeds will go to Parents As Teachers)

• 2.0 Jeep Tandem Strollers ($249.99 value) Bidding starts at $25
• 2.0 crib mattresses ($259.99 value) Bidding starts at $25
• 2.0 booster seats ($39.99 value) Bidding starts at $3
• 2.0 walkers ($69.99-$99.99) Bidding starts at $6
• 2.0 Sealy mattress pads 2-pack ($99.99) Bidding starts at $9
• 2.0 Sealy mattress pads ($19.99) Bidding starts at $1
• 2.0 baby bedding from Artistic Sensations ($400 value) Bidding starts at $40


To enter the SILENT AUCTION, leave a comment below any time from now until November 3 with 1) the item you are interested in and 2) your bid amount!

(Comments is the best way for us to get your email to notify winners!)


  1. Clarissa Neiding says:

    stroller $51

  2. Sealy Mattress Pads $2

  3. Stroller $52

  4. Walker $9

  5. Walker $9

  6. Clarissa Neiding says:

    walker $12

  7. Booster $9

  8. Booster Seat $9

  9. Stroller $52

  10. Walker $13

  11. Clarissa Neiding says:

    stroller 60

  12. Walker $13

  13. $61 Stroller

  14. $62

  15. $65 Stroller

  16. Clarissa Neiding says:

    stroller $67

  17. I won the bids for the Tandem Stroller at $65, booster seat at $9, sealy mattress pad $2, walker $13. Here is my email: heidijo722(at)yahoo(dot)com I look forward to hearing from you and I am glad to support the Parents as Teachers Prenatal Program.

  18. Yipeee. We are so excited to support such a great cause as P.A.T and get some fun stuff. My sister just had twins so this is going to go along way at her house!

    Here is my list of our purchases in the silent auction:
    Jeep Tandem Stroller($249)-$62
    crib mattresses ($259.99 value)-$25
    booster seats ($39.99 value)-$9
    walkers ($69.99-$99.99)-$13
    Sealy mattress pads 2-pack ($99.99)-$9
    baby bedding from Artistic Sensations ($400 value)-$40

    Here is my email addy so you can bill me: agiveawayeveryday@gmail.com

  19. WOW, you guys. THANK YOU soooo much for supporting Parents As Teachers. You guys are eBay experts aren’t you? We… are not. So the ZM and I are going to go over the time stamps on all your bids and make sure we award our fabulous Kolcraft and Artistic Sensation prizes to the highest bidders ending at 12:ZERO ZERO am CST.

    Winners, we’ll get back to you today via email. Pronto!

  20. I’m so bummed I wasn’t feeling well last night and went to be too early! Congrats to everyone who won though. I’d love to hear what you think of the stroller :).

  21. Thank you all for your generosity! Article in today’s news about high mortality rate of US babies related to inadequate prenatal care means there’s a real need for Parents as Teachers prenatal program. YOU make it happen!! Thanks all!!

  22. Thank you for all your generous bids for our Kolcraft products. We are so happy to be working to support PAT. Special thanks to everyone who could “attend” the virtual shower. So fun to celebrate motherhood x 2 with you!

  23. WOW!!! our guest bedroom is piled high with great baby stuff x two. My husband and two girls were blown away when I came rolling home in our van filled to the roof top with amazing things!!! from the double stroller, baby feeding seat by Jeep, cool Baby walker/playring…matress, pads and more all from Kolcraft, to my gorgeous new diapper bag maded from recylcled plactic bottle with a huge hot pink flower on it (adorable) from Artistic Sensations.com… to my Viewpoints basket full of goodies like my very first Dr. Brown’s bottles which I can’t WAIT to try out… my Due sling and clothes and my new Snap Stories baby books from Emma Hand ——— i am one blessed mama.

    Ria, Kim, Mom, Emma, Kate, Sisters Trish and Mary, Michelle and Katie… our guest caller author Alan Fields from Baby Bargains and YOU all in the chat room who viewed the shower live… thank you so much.

    Love to you all,
    Suzanne aka Zen Mommy

  24. Sue Stepleton says:

    You guys are terrific! This kind of support for Parents as Teachers is generous and creative. We LOVE that you are a part of helping parents do their best. THANK YOU!!

  25. Maggie Fairchild says:

    You guys are too cute!

    Everything seems like it’s going really well, I’m looking forward to the interviews and for Zen Mommy to open her gifts!

  26. Thanks again My Mommy Manual for this awesome shower. I really enjoyed it and I am so excited for your twins Zen Mommy. Best of luck with the delivery!!!

  27. Wow! This is all really awesome, what can you tell me about lactation issues i will have? I am 9 weeks prego…!

  28. Maggie, congratulations! Here are some links that will help you…

    But please sign up for our newsletter because we publish new tips DAILY! And, I’m sure that you can benefit from all the advice that our mom community shares.


  29. Interesting and very good article. Keep it up. Providing information for new mums is a really good thing to do. Cheers

  30. STL- KMOV – Im four months pregnant, in college, and lost but hoping I can be half the mom my mother was! As for advice, when me and my sister were fighting shed make us stand nose to nose until we hugged! We were stubborn but it eventually worked everytime!


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