What a Baby Doll!!!

We are sooo happy for new mom Virginia Kerr and her sweet as pumpkin pie little guy Riggs. We caught up over lunch and captured this huggable moment four weeks after his birth. I got to hear the birth story, how things were going and talk shop (how to wear a baby, sleep stuff and more… could I love to talk about anything more?!?)

We are thinking of you Virginia. Enjoy every moment with your babe. We know you hear this a lot, but it REALLY does go fast. (Take it from a mom whose felt-like-I-just-had-em twins are now crawling and climbing STEPS!)

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Suzanne Tucker, aka Zen Mommy

Suzanne is the Co-creator of My Mommy Manual and the online parenting course, Yoga Parenting. Ready for parenting to help make your life more a-parent to you?


  1. YOU are a natural, Virginia!