How to Build a Good Relationship with Your Childcare Provider

There was recently an article on My Mommy Manual about finding the right nanny or childcare provider for your child.  While that task is daunting, I believe the task of keeping a good relationship with your childcare provider is essential for many reasons.  As a mom (and also having been a nanny) I can see both sides to this relationship.

Just like every relationship you have in your life, the one with the person who is taking care of your child is a very important one. Do not underestimate this. I don’t mean you should be best friends with them (actually that makes things more challenging), I mean you should have trust and good communication (both ways). I have come up with some ideas to help you along.

Communicate Effectively
As a child care provider, I really appreciate any information about the child’s night or morning when they are dropped off. It helps me to understand the child’s needs and allows me to see the big picture. Let us know if your child had a particularly difficult evening or morning. If something major is going on at home (such as divorce or a death in the family) your child care provider should definitely be informed so that we can help your child if they are acting out or feeling sad. This also opens the door so that they can communicate with you if there are any issues. In general, being approachable is a good thing so that the teacher feels they can talk to you if your child is having any issues.

Show Respect
There are some crappy teachers/nannies out there but there are MANY good ones. Your child is going to have both through the course of his or her life and they will learn lessons from all of them. Even though you may not particularly like your child’s teacher, you need show respectful to him or her.

If there is a major issue with your child while they are under the childcare provider’s care, confronting them is a must. But, be aware of your timing. I know it’s often challenging to find the right time to talk with a teacher since they are often trying to do other things (especially during drop off or pick up times). Respect their time by talking to them at an appropriate time. If you need to chat with them for more than a minute, try sending a note or coming in early when there isn’t a lot going on. If face to face communication is a must, ask them when a good time to chat would be.  Do not speak badly about your child’s teacher in front of your child. This will create a triangle and being direct is a much better way to handle the situation. If you need to vent, talk to your spouse or friend about the situation.  Also, say thank you to your child’s teacher often! Show them you appreciate their hard work and dedication either in person, in a note or by giving them a small handmade gift from your child.

Build trust
Trust is an important part of your relationship with your childcare provider. I know some teacher’s do not like when the parent hangs around while dropping their child off (it can be a disruption if the teacher is in the middle of something). But there’s nothing wrong with you taking your time hanging things up or a quick chat with a teacher (unless you are having difficulties with your child during these times which can be a problem). If your childcare provider allows the chance for you to participate in a party, take them up on it. This is a good opportunity to see their interactions with the children and spend some time in their classroom.  In addition, listen to your child-ask them about their day. Children are pretty good at giving you an idea of what their day was like. Follow your intuition and trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, talk to the teacher or nanny about it.

by Expert Mommy, Toni Langdon

How to Make Mealtimes Memorable

Mealtimes can offer your family a chance to have real quality family time.   Show your children love by using some creativity and your kids will have wonderful memories that they can cherish into adulthood. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to get you started.

1. Own a Special plate. My mom had this cool plate for us while we were growing up and I loved it. We got the privilege of using the special plate whenever we did something good (good grade, birthday, or just for the heck of it!) I always love this tradition and use it with my family now. You can buy it online or make your own at a pottery store.
2. Schedule Family Dinners as Part of your Weekly Schedule. I would love to say that my family eats at the table every night but that would be a lie. [Read more…]

Goal Setting Exercise for Children

Goal setting is a skill that allows us to recognize our wants and develop a plan to attain it.  By stating our goals and making a plan, we stay organized and develop confidence by accomplishing the steps required.  Simply put, this is the way we achieve our own success.  Of course, we all want our children to learn how to accomplish their goals as well, the question is…how?   If a child is able to practice goal setting effectively, then he/she will be able to learn the important skills of time management, organization, and (as a result) building positive self esteem.

I always say that success is a loose term and should be defined by the individual. I believe that my child will also only be successful if she can meet her own goals (not mine). I will be very careful to not define success for her. But, I also want to give her the skills she needs to meet her goals and feel confident in the little successes in life. So, I came up with a little skill setting exercise…


Help your child figure out a ffew things that they want. Ask them to be specific and tell them to picture themselves doing (or having that). Have them close their eyes and visualize the goal or draw a picture of what it will look like. [Read more…]

How to Have Fun With Everyday Items

Your family is stuck in the house on a rainy day and the kids are starting to fight because they’re bored.  What do you do? Look around you and use what you have in your own living room!  We sometimes think that kids need expensive toys and fancy items but the truth is, they love the simple things!  Learning to use every day items to entertain your children can be a lifesaver when your in a pinch.
I used to work with children with autism and provided them with many sensory exercises. While working with the children with special needs, I found their brothers, sisters, and classmates wanting to do the activities as well. Ibegan doing these activities with other kids and found they liked it just as much!   Sensory activities are great for helping children use their energy appropriately. [Read more…]

How to Get Your Family to Enjoy Eating Vegetables

kids_eating_veggies.jpgMany parents struggle to get their kids to eat their veggies- it’s a never ending battle in many households in America.  When given a choice, children would much rather eat anything fried or dipped in chocolate!  So, how do we make kids as excited about their veggies as they are about ice cream or cookies?  It is SIMPLE- present vegetables with excitement and enthusiasm! Enthusiasm is contagious and your kids will eventually catch on!

Is it possible to make eating vegetables a fun experience? [Read more…]