Hi, I’m Suzanne.

In addition to mommy-ing to two magical girls born in 2000 and 2003, my husband and I were blessed with boy and girl twins in February of 2010. In truth I am mom to nine, four here on Earth and five more forever in my heart. Our angel babies (my Twinkles) Leo, Mary, Tucker, Lily and Nina received their wings before birth. I believe the differences their short lives have and continue to make on my life and in the world are eternal.

I teach, speak and write about the connection that we are. To this end being a mom is my greatest credential. My husband Shawn is my life partner and my business partner. We are PT’s and have a holistic health center in Saint Louis, Missouri where among other things I get to teach weekly baby massage and positive parenting classes (as close to my bliss as I have found.)

I find great wisdom in Kahlil Gibran’s words about our children: “Strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.”

My kids teach me every day.

I believe many things, but if you asked me to name just five they would be:

1. I believe in holding on to letting go.

2. I believe that you and I are one.

3. I believe in stillness.

4. I believe that we are here to know and to be known, to share our lives.

5. I believe that where there is love, there is transformation.

The very same things I’ve bumped up against my whole life, things like guilt, belonging and acceptance, in motherhood, take on new meaning and a sort of urgency.

Facing my demons, loving my light, embracing the chaos and accepting the UN-acceptable as “mom” has led me closer to what I understand to be my life purpose. To know and love myself.

I love myself.

I am enough.

It’s the bumps along the road of life that has me here, sharing with you.

I hope My Mommy Manual helps you connect in love to yourself and the wisdom that lies within you alone. Though it may not always seem like it, you have the answers. Look within. Your mommy manual is waiting there for you and you alone.

Here are 16 Things about Me… a bit lighter just to round things out, and my three favorite posts.

How To Be Enough (where I struggle with BEING enough…)

How to Recognize Warning Signs (where I miss the warning signs…)

How Spirit Moves (the story of our twin’s… where spirit moved, and how)

Okay, you now know more about me than most of my neighbors. Please share you with me. Send me an email, signup here for my weekly emails, tweet me @ZenMommy or comment anywhere on this site. I read each and every one!!!

Thank you (from my healing heart to yours) for taking the time to learn about me and for adding YOU to this place.





Welcome to this community!

This is a place for you to find inspiration and support for the journey that is motherhood.

HUG EACH MOMENT: Love Letters to Your Child

Join and I’ll send you this gift today, a beautifully designed 29-page printable journal. With illustrated questions on each page, HUG EACH MOMENT guides you in capturing your thoughts, memories and the precious moments of everyday life for you to share with your child in years to come, from birth to age ten.

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Parent Support:

If you’d like help in creating more joy and less stress in everyday family life, I’d be honored to work with you and your family privately or via group classes. If you’d like to know more about 1:1 parent support sessions, sign up here and we’ll schedule your first 20 minute session free of charge.

“Suzanne not only brought some much needed parenting tools to my partner and I, she inspired helpful, constructive discussions between us after each session. Talks we would have never had otherwise. Just understanding how to get (and stay) “centered” was a huge step in my parenting.” – Katie, mom of two year old boy

“Quite simply, working with Suzanne was the best thing I’ve done for me AND my daughter. I’m so grateful that I did this early. My daughter is only 4 months old and working with Suzanne – I feel I can now be the kind of mom I really want to be. So, SO grateful. Thank you, Suzanne!!!!” – Jenny, mom of 4 month old girl

“I KNEW coming into these sessions that one of my biggest triggers was when my kids would start to whine and cry in the car while I’m driving. Before, I would want to go nuts. Working with Suzanne, I quickly learned tools to both prevent the crying in the car and to help me remain calm when it does happen. My sanity thanks you!!!!” -Nikki, Mom of two

“I am finding so many positive changes just in the time that we have spent so far. I’m even talking about it with my friends! This is the first time that I’ve been in a type of personal growth program of sorts (like “therapy” but not) that I have been proud, not ashamed to be a part of. Maybe because I am seeing results? Maybe because you are my coach, not my therapist? But whatever the reason, I wanted to say thanks. I feel open, excited and so much more AWARE.” –Jennifer, mom of two

“Working with Suzanne really helped me look at the stressful parenting situations I was encountering and think about them in a new way. Auto-parenting (where I just do what my parents did) has been turned off so now I’m choosing what to do. It feels better to treat both my child like this and my 3 year old son especially is loving it. I’ve been using the skills in my other relationships – with my husband and at work too. Truly life changing.” -Maura and Justin, parents of two

“I’ve learned SO much. Pulling in the “power of play” as Suzanne calls it (game changer for my family), and other specific tools plus understanding on an entirely new level how our experiences as a child affect the way we parent, my husband and I are now much more effective being proactive rather than reactive to the same old issues. Thank you, Suzanne!!! We see results daily from just six sessions.” – Jodi and Mike, parents of two

“One of the biggest things I learned from working with Suzanne is that just like adults, my kids want to feel powerful. By giving my kids choices and using the other “power tools” I learned, I’m seeing FAR less tantrums than before. We are even now leaving places all together and without a fit whereas before I’d have to drag my son out kicking and screaming.” -Julie, mom of two

Gentle (Not CIO) Sleep Support:

“Thank you for being such an encouragement to me in the most difficult times. Sleep deprivation after having a baby is something no one can understand until you go through it. But you have a way of showing you understand.  The advice you gave me helped me see that I need to take care of myself, too, so that I can take care of my son. I cannot say thank you enough!” –Katharine, mom of one

“Thx again with the “compassionate” sleep support!” I never wanted to have to do the “cry-it-out thing” and with your advice I’m hopeful we won’t ever have to.” –Annie, mom of baby suffering from reflux

“Going great, thanks!  Last night he slept 7.5 hours before waking. Today, he was a champion napper, 75 minutes for first 2 naps, even putting himself back to sleep after stirring one time just like your babies in the video. Things are going so much better.  Thanks!!!” –Mary, first time mom

Interested in learning more? Check out this free video with Suzanne’s top baby sleep tips, her downloadable Gentle Sleep Video and more.


Praise for MyMommyManual:

“I wish My Mommy Manual existed 8 years ago when I was desperately trying to figure out new mommyhood! It’s exactly the type of resource I needed. Even though I’m an “experienced” mommy now, your site still offers great support and advice.” (Edie)

“You have such awesome perspective! I know these things but don’t always remember. It’s good to see it written down! thanks Zen Mommy and My Mommy Manual!!!” (Donna)

“Your site is a wealth of information, insight and reflection. It enables me to pause and think about myself as a Mother and gain a deeper understanding of who I am and who I want to be for my children and husband. I have found myself remembering past blog posts and trying to put the principles into practice. Thanks for opening my eyes and heart to new, fresh perspectives.” (Jennifer)

My Mommy Manual is such a helpful site for me, a stay-at-home mom of two. Both the tips and inspirational posts are much needed in the crazy unbalanced life that we can sometimes lead. It’s like having a friend right there in your house all the time without having to call someone! (Carol)

“This is great information! Clear and concise – you managed to include a ton of info but it’s not overwhelming. Thanks! I’m taking notes.” (Kathy)

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