Get POSH for fall. A POSH Handbag for $1!

poshPOSH Handbags are all about life — a Fabulous life!! The woman behind POSH is Austin-based fashion designer Tori Alvarado. Tori’s keen eye for fashion allows her to expertly integrate the latest styles and colors into fun and functional accessories. Directed by Tori’s creative vision, the POSH collection is focused on handbags as the crowning gem of any outfit. Tori believes a woman’s handbag is directly tied to her moods and passions.

artisticsensationsAnd you can win this one for ONE DOLLAR. It’s October’s Power of One prize, valued at $129 from

Click on the widget to donate $1 to Parents As Teachers using your credit card. Easy… and way Fabulous!


  1. Just made my donation. A great cause and cute bag to boot! 😉

  2. Just made a donation. I love the great causes that your site supports! Way to go!!!

  3. Zen Mommy says:

    thank you Jenn and Hollie. Isn’t that a great bag? and your odds of winning are so GOOD!!! so glad you contributed!!!

  4. I love the power of one concept. Thanks for providing this opportunity. PAT is a great organization!