26 Weeks: The Nursery

nursery inspiration picThis seems like the perfect time to begin thinking about how we are going to decorate our nursery for the twins. I am psyched for that this go around it need not be “unisex” as it has the two times I’ve “done” a nursery room in the past, not knowing the sex of our babies before they were born. I know what we are having: a boy and a girl. So though I will not go all pink or race cars, I can confidently move into a design that makes sense for both.

We are two weeks from being in the third trimester. “RBE” or Rapid Belly Expansion (don’t use this term at your next doctor’s visit unless you want some funny looks as I just coined this phrase…) has me thinking how nice it would be if I could get all my running around sooner than later. By running around I mean paint picking/furniture shopping/rug cutting and edging… etc. I can not run. Walking fast is even up for question. *wink*

To get started and pretend I was Candice Olson from Divine Design. I LOVE how she sees a room needing a redo – one full or raw potential – gets ideas and then goes back to her design studio and makes a mock-up of all that she sees going into the space.

  1. The FIRST thing she does is LISTEN to her clients to see what feel and function they want the room to have. So let’s start there. The theme I keep getting over and over is “nest” meets “spa”. A tranquil place I can go to nurture my two sweeties and feel nurtured at the same time.
  2. Next, Candice chooses her color pallet, sometimes based on a single fabric or wallpaper she has in mind. I took Candice’s lead here and did the same for our nursery one slow Sunday afternoon. My inspiration came from this picture I found of a nursery  done in browns and neutral tones of pretty soft colors. this became my “inspiration picture” and would lead me in the next step… color palette.
  3. This part was easy as the site I go the inspiration picture also recommended paint colors to compliment the room. I picked three and was off and on my way to hunt down other main items for the room in keeping with my emerging room ideas.
  4. For me the next key element is the CHAIR I will happily be sitting in and nursing, rocking and loving on our little guys (for far more hours that I dare count up right now!!!) I started high end, got an idea and then did some hunting around on the internet for a similar chair. I found this one that had the elements I want a) it’s upholstered 2) it rocks 3) it glides AND reclines 4) it comes in stain resistant fabric and great colors; including none other than “spa blue”. SOLD!!!
  5. And final key elements I sought out online for inspiration pictures were the rug, drapes and a little lamp. I have loved having a low wattage lamp on a book shelf/side table in the nurseries past to make middle of the night feedings and diaper changes easier.

So that’s it. This is where all my online “running” got me, seated comfortably in my office. I am now on the hunt, ordering some things online and finding others at big discount stores. I promise to share a video of the final product once the room is painted and everything is in it’s place. Of course, with all this online shopping for baby I did end up getting one or two things for me. *wink*

I hope you are having fun thinking about the nursery for your little one. For me it has more to do with creating a nurturing space and opening my heart ever more to the potential that these little souls will soon be in my arms than it does just “decorating”. There is something special about getting one’s nursery ready for baby.

Let me know how getting your nursery ready is going for you. Send me pictures, room themes… everything!! I’d love to see and hear about it.

Here’s what I’m doing blown up a little bigger so you can see:

nursery inspiration pic



In case you are interested, here’s a few pictures of how the nursery turned out! My kids made some art for the room as well which I shadow boxed and have shown here close up. Post your pics too! I’d love to see and/or read about how your nursery turns out!!!

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