25 Weeks: Back to BABY NAMES

25 week biggerOK. I’m opening it up. I would LOVE to hear your BEST BABY NAME ideas for our twins, now 25 weeks along and pushing two pounds each. Be sure your comment links to an email or web site so I can track you down and thank you if we go with your suggestion! And so you don’t feel like you’re just randomly throwing names out there, let me give you some background on names from where me and my big-belly sit.

  • Our girls are Reilly (9) and Morgan (almost 7). Note they have two syllables AND 6 letters each, that both are also last names AND both could be for a boy or girl (though more on the girly side if you ask me.) Freaky coincidence or obsessive compulsive parents? The former. These parallels didn’t even dawn on us until after we’d picked the name Morgan.
  • I love using family names, especially for middle names, and we have a big family with lots of names for the picking. Reilly’s middle name is Cecelia after my husband’s grandma (who was the LIFE of the party kind-a-gal and could tell a dirty joke and kick back  a few vodka tonics better than most) and Morgan’s middle name is Kathleen after my baby sister who just had a baby of her own. Morgan was well named as everyone in the family says she looks like my gorgeous younger sister.
  • We’ve always had trouble picking boy names. We have two girls so you’d think we’d have a long list of boy names ready and waiting…  but in fact, we have about 3 girl ideas to every 1 boy idea. Our top picks for a boy in pregnancies past included William (and call him Liam), Mitchel (not even sure if I’m spelling that right) and Leo (my dad and my big brother’s name, unused through 13 grandchildren, only four of which are boys on my side of the family.)
  • The man that married us (straight from Ireland – all LOVE-able, intelligent, KIND, five-foot four-inches of him) is named Liam Collins. We’ve often thought how cool it would be to use all or part of this incredible man and dear friend’s name.
  • Some other family names include Alice, Hadley, Ivy, Jane, Elizabeth, Dean, Callahan, Pericles, Demetrius, Mark, and of course Shawn (my hubby who always wished his parents had spelled it “Sean”) and Suzanne (me, named after my mom “Susan”).
  • What else? Oh yeah, one of my favorite women in the world is Amelia Earhart (post I wrote about what a Bad Ass she was/is.)

Was any of this helpful? Or now are you as confused as we are? I hope you can see some creative potential in all I’ve shared, or just forget everything I’ve said and give me your best shot. A fresh new perspective might be just what we need. Send me your favorite one only… a first and middle name for baby girl and baby boy. I’ll let you you know our top five picks VERY SOON.

And speaking of names… what is your full name? Do you like it? And why did your parents pick it?

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Suzanne Tucker, aka Zen Mommy
In addition to mommying to two magical girls born in 2000 and 2003 and expecting twins in Jan of 2010, Suzanne co-owns a holistic health center with her husband Shawn in St. Louis, Missouri  where she practices as a physical therapist, Certified Educator of  Infant Massage and health education teacher.Certified in a number of healing and life education approaches, Suzanne is a Co-creator of My Mommy Manual and the online parenting course, Yogi Parenting, a positive parenting approach for raising kids of all ages.


  1. Diane Asyre says:

    I was named after a film star in a movie that my mom was watching when she went into labor. My dad always said he was glad she wasn’t watching a movie that starred ZaSu Pitts. Me too!

    Sean Patrick and Sarah Jane have a nice Irish ring to them. I’ll toss those in for consideration. You’ll know the right names when just hearing them tugs at your heart.

  2. wow. you know how to pick ’em. those names sound amazing together… and pull in the family. thanks auntie ZaSu… I mean Auntie Diane 🙂

  3. Leo Collins Tucker
    Ivy Elizabeth Tucker

    Your older girls first names are 6 letters-2 syllables and these little twinkies will be 3 letters-2 syllables (freaky coincidence or obsessive compulsive parents…doesn’t matter this way).

    LEO – LIke a lion. I love that LEO is your dad’s name and hasn’t been used yet with all those grandchildren (grab it girl!). You love Greece and Leo is from the ‘Greek’ Leon.

    IVY – She’ll be intelligent “Ivy League” school material. She will be a ‘climber’ (i.e., “ivy” and one meaning) and another meaning of the name is ‘faithfulness’.

    I like how Leo and Ivy “go together”.

    I can see your Christmas cards now –> Reilly, Morgan, Leo and Ivy

  4. I have a name for your little boy. How about Sean Michael? The name Michael means gift from God.


  5. i am SO glad i asked. you guys are really GOOD at this. man. another nice pair of names. thank you janet, esp for the “why” and thought behind the names!!! beautiful.

    for me it does matter how they go together/sound with our other kids names, (though practical mommy thought i was a little nuts when i mentioned this at the baby shower!!@#!) keep em coming folks. i am feeling ever more hopeful our babies will not be namely forthe first 2 days of life while we sit around still thinking of names!!@#@!

    @kevinpmiller sent me some nice ideas too… including xavier somewhere in the mix for the boy. 🙂

  6. Oh MAN! I’m going to login like seven times under different names (see how I did that?!) just so I can vote tons. I love the baby name game.

    Ok. I LOVE Amelia. I also love the name Jane as a middle name, as it actually seems to get used. Amelia Jane is sing-songy, and lovely, and yet it sounds like a scrappy little girl could do some damage with it.

    And I love my William’s name. It’s so classic and versatile. Will, Willem, Liam . . .
    You’ve got the last name that goes well with the celtic names, so I’d so go with
    William Sean Tucker.

    SO tempted to write my long list of favorites.

    But I won’t.

    Love you and the belllllllly,


  7. I am just going to share the names I’ve picked for my (future) children, feel free to use them is you like Suzanne!

    Genevieve Anne is the girls name (Anne is after my mom) and I’ve LOVED Genevieve for the longest time, can’t help it.

    Liam Emerson for the boy (Emerson has a long history in my hubby’s family) and I love, love, love Liam.

    I’m also drawn to Emily Grace for a girl for some reason, just like the way it sounds together – so peaceful :).

    Best of luck to you in the baby naming!!!


  8. Jen and Jenn you make me smile. I am soooo lucky to have online friends giving me their input!!! and making me laugh… Jenn, I’d agree with you about the dynamic combo of Amelia next to the seemingly sweet Jane… I can hear the kids now, “Don’t mess with Amelia Jane!!@!#” Scrappy and sweet.. sounds like a good friend i know… (what IS your middle name jen? *smiles*)

    and Jenn, you are WAY ahead of the game with your names 🙂 i have friends that have known thier kids names as well since they were little girls and fell in love with a certain name combo. LUCKY YOU. i’ll start praying now your other half is with the program and gives you the green light on all accounts as they are each lovely. Isn’t Liam a cool name? How lucky are we to have been married by one of the coolest Irishmen on the planet with this very cool name?

    michelle… gift from God. that our twins are. maybe michael and michael-ette 😉 thanks for the name.. i din’t know this was the meaning for michael. no wonder it’s a shoe-in for top 10 boy names! so dear.

  9. I am going to tell you about my favorite names that I love and why.

    Brin, I absolutely love- I had a friend growing up who was Kristin Brin I always loved and had hoped someday to have a girl and name her that. I also love Taylor (good for a middle name also) and call her “Tay” and my other one is Tess Alexandria.

    For boys, I have been a big fan of Colin and Owen which are Irish I believe but I like the way they sound.

    How about Brin and Owen? Kind of sing songy but I love it.

    Its so exciting and fun. Picking names is exciting and I wish you all the best if picking them out. Love ya!

  10. I like the names you have suggested, but really like the name based on the guy who married you. I talk to people around the country about their names and the best ones by far have these great stories behind the name. Best of luck to you!

  11. wow marley, just checked out your site and aside from being passionate about names, i see we share another interest… in the future of medicine. “Marly… also works with TransforMED, an organization designed to transform primary care practices to a new model of care”…

    very impressed. this is my husbands TRUE passion actually. we own a holistic health center in st. louis http://www.bcoh.org and this issue is front and center. just wanted to connect and say “good on ya!”

    can you tell me about your groups approach to wellness promotion and chronic disease management and/or plans for future? i HOPE they include physical therapy working along side the primary care team. so cost effective and life changing for patients. would love to share our model. i SO have to get you and shawn talking.

  12. I’ve been Michael all these years and I never knew it meant a gift from God. Have you seen this?