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38 Weeks: Contraction Confusion

I have been having contractions for a while now and I know they aren’t the real thing because they come and go and they ease when I lie down.

Well, this morning I didn’t know what to think.  I went to bed with mild contractions last night. They’re a combination of intense menstrual like cramps and severe lower back pain.  I woke up and still had back pain. Then the cramps returned on my way into work around 3.  I had a hard time walking up the stairs because now it feels like Skittles is planted about as far as he can go without coming out all together.

The pain came and went and then got really intense during the show.

As John and I were tossing to a reporter’s story around 5:15  this morning I almost burst into tears…here is the moment.

You can see the veins popping out of my arms because I am pressing down trying not to lose it.

I broke during the story and then some how got it together to read a quick 10 second story on camera.

Okay…so at this point my producer asks if I am going to be okay. I say “Yes, I don’t know, it just hurts.”

I kept going.  They continued to come every 15 minutes.  Now it just feels like the baby is stretching and pushing my insides down.  I’m confused. Is this the beginning of the real deal? Or is this just what I can expect for the next two weeks? It’s weird I want it to be the real thing and I don’t. I want to see his face but I’m also scared..This is all so unreal.

I keep thinking of the episode of  “A Baby Story” I watched yesterday with a woman in mega pain for 12 hours before she was even close enough to go to the hospital.  Of course I was sobbing by the end. Good tears.

Oh! My sister in law Christy is going to be induced Tuesday. She says her gut is telling her that I will go before her or on the same day. She is usually right about everything.  So who knows…

It’s 8:25 AM and as of now my back still hurts and the cramps continue to come and go but they aren’t worse. I hear if they don’t get worse they aren’t the real deal…..Let me know what you think.  I PROMISE  I will update this if there is breaking news!

Virginia Kerr is a morning news anchor on News 4. You can watch her Monday – Friday from 5AM to 7AM.

How to Pack Your Bags for the Hospital

If you are pregnant and find yourself well into your third trimester, I want you to say these two words aloud with me: “It’s TIME!!!” Fun, huh? Okay, so maybe it’s not time for you to GO to the hospital quite yet, but at least you can prepare for it. Let’s pack your bags.

Truly you are preparing for three events: 1) giving birth 2) a shorter than short stay in the hospital and 3) the big trip home with your new bundle of love. Alright… let’s get packing!!!


Comfie clothes.

Think ahead about the outfit you want to wear driving to the hospital so when it’s time, you can just get dressed and go. Put an old towel and a plastic bag by the outfit to take with you in the car so if your water breaks on the ride to the hospital, you’ll be prepared. [Read more…]

How to Know If It’s Time to Go

Remember last year when some publishers/publicists/agents had contacted me asking me to do book reviews? And I had said “of course” and then I received free copies of their books? Well, I’ve been *procrastinating*…but am now giving them the attention they deserve…

This book is one I wish I had in hand as I began thinking about my marriage and divorce. Not because it would have changed my decision, but because it would have helped me move forward with more determination and confidence. Why? Because this book explores what characteristics make a marriage or a relationship foundation-ally solid. And understanding those characteristics is worthwhile, whether you are hitting a rough spot or not.

I was hooked from page one, as a woman named Ann experiences one sleepless night after another and finds herself in a fantasy: leaving everything behind and running away from her broken marriage (that’s exactly what I did; actually, I went beyond the fantasy and moved out with babe in hand, in just an hour). [Read more…]

How to Entertain Your Kids on a Coupon Run

I wanted to talk about ways to keep your children entertained while on a coupon run. I always recommend that if possible avoid couponing with your kids, however that is not always possible. In fact for many of us shopping with our kids is our only option. I wanted to share with you some ideas for ways to make your experience positive for both you and your children.

I always look for inexpensive ways to reward my son as we shop. It is always amazing to me what entertains him and what simple steps I can do to “include” him in the process.

1. Make a shopping list for your child. I always make a special list for my son to carry at the store. He always wants my list so if he has his own it works out better for us. I include a few of his favorite items on the list and give him a pencil/crayon to mark of the items as we put them in the cart. [Read more…]

How to Be a Happy (Not Guilty) Mama

So I was supposed to be stepping onto a plane just about now.  I was heading for a weekend in Asheville, North Carolina with my BFF (and business partner) Ria Sharon.

Hotel rooms, dinners, lots of girl time… not to mention the real reason I was going: to speak at the very cool Type A Mom Conference, mingling with ka-jillions of super cool moms that work online like myself.

So what happened? Why am I sitting here in my home office typing while the twins take their afternoon nap? It has to do with two things 1) Mommy Intuition and 2) Mommy Guilt… the very things I planned to speak about at the Conference. [Read more…]

How to Share (and Host a Clothing Swap)

I am NOT a shopper. Period. Going to the mall makes me hyperventilate. I’m making it a life goal NOT to ever step foot into a Norstrom Rack. But I’m a new fan of my neighborhood’s clothing swap.

Last weekend, we congregated in a neighbor’s living-room-turned-giant-dressing-room with our cast-off’s and “I love it but never, ever wear it’s!” Although it was my first time going, I was not a newbie to the neighborhood hand-me-downs. On occasion, a little baggy will show up at my door with a note and a doodle. And wouldn’t you note it, those well-loved, slightly-worn items have always been my wardrobe favorites.

I like to tell of a couple of springs ago when I absolutely refused to go swimsuit shopping. [Read more…]

37 Weeks: We’re in the Red Zone Now!

In the red zone. My Alabama running back has the ball and is making his way to the end zone…doctor says he could score that touchdown at anytime!

When he told me that yesterday. I cried. That’s a shocker. Little dude is about to be a big reality!

Thanks for the sweet comments about my whiny, sex post. I am in a much better place this week.   I realize that it would be hard for anyone to feel sexy when they wear this every day.

This is the outfit my poor husband has to look at EVERY SINGLE DAY. Target tee shirt (I have this in five colors), pair of his boxer briefs and my Heineken trucker hat. Now that’s hot!

I took this picture so I could show Skittles how classy his mom was while she was carrying him..Oh and here is the ONE AND ONLY belly shot.

I swore I would never do that but my Gosh at this point..WHO CARES??!!

Kitchen is done, too! and as promised I took some pictures. I swear it looks better in person! Here we go..Before: oak cabinets, yellow laminate counter tops, brass ceiling fan and little decor.

After: Antique white, glazed rustic cabinets, black granite counter tops, updated ceiling fan and pops of color.

Now I am entering the nesting cleaning phase.  I have to clean out closets this weekend.

Three more weeks! Three more football games! This weekend is a big one. #1 Bama vs #10 Arkansas. My Arkansas friend Jill is coming over.  She is 8 months pregnant. With all the SEC passions and pregnancy hormones this could get ugly!!!!!!

Roll Tide!!!

Virginia Kerr is a morning news anchor on News 4. You can watch her Monday – Friday from 5AM to 7AM.

How to Survive The First Six Weeks With The Newborn – It’s Been a Hard Day’s Hard Night!

How to Organize The Daily Chores – I’ll Get by With a Little Help From my Friends (and Family)
The day my baby and I got home from the hospital I felt so lost and inadequate, mostly because I was still unsuccessfully trying to breastfeed. And somehow get a hold of my life again, the new life with the baby. The house was a mess and so were my husband and I, hardly sleeping or eating.

I was never  a perfectionist about the house chores before. However when the baby came I, as if under spell, I become one.

Fortunately, I had a whole army of volunteers by my side, and this is how we got organized, which is also my advice to you. [Read more…]

The Kiss

For more cute-school pictures, go to our Huggable Moments Gallery. And you can add yours! [Read more…]

How to Have Fun With Everyday Items

Your family is stuck in the house on a rainy day and the kids are starting to fight because they’re bored.  What do you do? Look around you and use what you have in your own living room!  We sometimes think that kids need expensive toys and fancy items but the truth is, they love the simple things!  Learning to use every day items to entertain your children can be a lifesaver when your in a pinch.
I used to work with children with autism and provided them with many sensory exercises. While working with the children with special needs, I found their brothers, sisters, and classmates wanting to do the activities as well. Ibegan doing these activities with other kids and found they liked it just as much!   Sensory activities are great for helping children use their energy appropriately. [Read more…]