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How to Be a Successful Single Mom

I’m a new single mom… as in, I officially became a single mom in January 2009. So, I’m very honored and a little nervous about being on Single Mom Revolution on BlogTalkRadio today with Honoree Corpron, author of The Successful Single Mom and Morgan Day Cecil. Tune in at Noon CST… I’m hoping I’ll learn a lot from these two experts! 🙂 [Read more…]

Zen Mommy Minute: How to Believe Like a Child

Do you BELIEVE in impossible things with the heat and furvor of a child???? Or are you the one to throw cold water on it? Danny Brown believes. The girls at Looking Glass Lane believe… and so do I.

My kids help me believe in impossible things every day. They build fairy houses. They find fairy rings in our backyard. They understand about believing and help me believe as well, not only in a magical world…but in myself.

I Believe in Zero. I believe that each and every one of us has an inner power greater than we are able to imagine and that this inner power increases in magnitude each time we use it for good to empower ourselves and others. And more than anything, I believe in YOU!

What do you need help believing in this week? [Read more…]

How to Help Prevent Childhood Deaths

Tomorrow, we want your help! Monday, June 29, My Mommy Manual is helping raise money for the June 12 for 12k Challenge. Why? Because EVERY DAY, 25,000 children die from a preventable cause! 12 for 12k has partnered with UNICEF’s Believe in Zero campaign to provide basic and affordable interventions to save children’s lives. Watch this VIDEO (3:07)… it explains why vaccines are so important.

PLEASE JOIN US! By contributing $10, YOU can help provide safe drinking water to 400 children. By contributing $20, YOU can help provide 50 notebooks and pencils to kids in school, and YOUR $40 can provide measles vaccines for 150 children.

Be there for the 24-hour Video and Tweetathon Fundraiser… PRIZES, FUN, GAMES!!! Gotta love it!

Practical Mommy and Zen Mommy and the other ladies of Looking Glass Lane will be celebrating the six-year olds WITHIN for Believe in Zero at 8 pm (CST). There will be party games (and props!). Come PLAY and TWEET it out! [Read more…]

Mom Confessions: Postpartum Depression (part 1)

This VIDEO (3:06) is the first in a series of three that we will be publishing over three weeks in which Heidi shares how it feels to have postpartum depression. One of the challenges of PPD is that it goes unrecognized by many women who suffer from it, making it challenging for them to reach out and find support.

It is very rare that a new mom says, “I think I have postpartum depression.” More often and very often, women feel what Heidi describes in her videos.


[Read more…]

How to Share at Family Dinners

… both food and food for thought!

My family has been doing something really cool lately. We’ve been playing with The Meal Box… “fun questions and family faith tips to get mealtime conversations cookin’.” Here, have a listen to one question we did this week (4:14 min.)


I want to invite you to join yet another conversation!!! 🙂 Actually, the authors of The Meal Box are inviting you. I’ll let Bret speak for himself! [Read more…]

How to Help a Gassy/Colicy Baby

A picture says a thousand words. (I wish I had a shot of how “productive” this massage was for little Evan…but you probably don’t want to see that picture!) I am fond of saying “every baby is a gassy baby”… but if you are dealing with colic, I want you to know there IS something you can do to help.

Studies show Infant Massage leads to a 50% decrease crying with just 10-15 minutes a day. And if your baby has colic, it helps by comforting and soothing them, helping their digestion and to cope with stress.

I think there is no worse feeling than hopelessness…and if someone told me there was “nothing” I could do…that is exactly how I would feel – hopeless.

If you are dealing with colic…keep hope. If your baby had or has colic, what are some of the things besides massage that you have found help??? Visit our Infant Massage page for more massage tips and to sign up to receive a free tummy massage handout that helps with colic.




By Suzanne Tucker, co-creator of My Mommy Join her and other moms on this journey called motherhood, because life’s better when we hold hands.

In addition to mommying to two magical girls born in 2000 and 2003 and twins born in 2010, Suzanne owns a holistic health center with her husband where she practices as a physical therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and health education teacher. Certified in a number of healing and life education approaches, Suzanne offers one-on-one parent coaching support to families all over the world. For a free consult, email her at tuckersuzanne @ sbcglobal (dot) net.

How to Hug a Porcupine

porcupine-croppedNext month our oldest daughter turns nine years old and we officially enter the tween zone. So after ten glorious days of family vacation and 30 hours in the car, I just finished my fifth book on the matter. Each book offered many ways I can expect my darling daughter to transform and how I might (and might not) want to respond. After flipping, skimming, laughing, furrowing my brow and talking back to the books, I have to say through it all I had to remind myself to breathe…frequently.

My main take-aways after all that reading?

#1 to prepare for and support my child in seeking independence and a feeling of being “different” from my husband and I. (It’s a tweens job…knowing this, I can embrace it, not fight it)… and

#2, to practice “active listening”. [Read more…]

How Do You Celebrate Father’s Day as a Single Mom?

First of all, I have to clarify that I’m not sure I qualify as a “single mom.” I’m single and a mom but as my friends have heard me explain, the former implies that my children don’t have a dad at all (for some reason) and that is not an accurate description of our family. The truth is that my children are very lucky to have a dad that is present, both physically and mentally for them. In fact, I think that he is quite adept at being fully present with them and they love it!(To protect his privacy, I won’t post a pic… although I have gobs of great ones of him with the kids.)

It’s the first Father’s Day since our divorce and I am surprised that I’m emotional about it at all… more so than on Mother’s Day. Maybe I feel guilty that I’m not there to make sure the kids made him a sweet card or remembered to give him the gift we picked out for him. As I got ready for my day this morning, I reflected on how distasteful I’m finding it to be around people who can’t find anything nice to say about others, including their ex-whatevers. And it being Father’s Day and all, I spent my meditation time thinking about the wonderful things that I learned from this man who is the father of my children: authenticity, assertiveness, confidence…. these are lessons I so dearly needed to learn in this life. I am grateful that I chose a good teacher. Even in the midst of our great conflict, I kept reminding myself that I chose the best teacher for me. If I had picked a pushover for a husband, I wouldn’t have been forced to learn them! [Read more…]

Zen Mommy Minute: Daddy LOVE!

This is for my amazing husband from his “girls”…and for all you Dad’s out there that love your children. Thank you. You make a difference in the world.

[Read more…]

How Important Your Women Friends Are

mindy“… I had my husband and my kids and I sort of forgot about how important having a lot of good women in my life really is….”

My name is Mindy Bhuyan. I have three kids, (13 year old girl, 11 year old boy, and 7 year old girl) also a puppy chocolate lab.
When I was six, I wanted to own a monkey. If my six year old self could give me advice, she would say :  Don’t forget how fun it is to climb trees, ride bikes, and play in the dirt.

Join Mindy on My Mommy Manual’s Discussions page where she and the other WAG Women will be sharing what WAG has brought to her life… “I feel very safe with this group of women. I could do anything or say anything and it would be okay.”