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How to BE Inspiring!

This is Practical Mommy and I’m going to take a moment here to gush about Zen Mommy… who I’m quite certain is a pretty shade of *pink* right now!

Why? Because as much as I tell her how inspiring she is, NOW I have some validation from an objective third party! If you haven’t been tuning in to the lively discussion about her article, How to Recognize Warning Signs, you may have missed the amazingly cool response she’s been getting, especially from Bob Wan-Qi Kim (a.k.a. @journik). Check out this video he did ABOUT her!!! And not only is journik NOT her best girlfriend… he used to be a monk, so I’d posture that he knows a thing or two about “zen-ness!”

So feel free to add your thoughts to the conversation! What warning signs have you ignored?

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How to Be Grateful for My Girlfriends

Tell me… what do your friendships with women add to your life? Add a comment.

How to Recognize Warning Signs

warning-signWarning signs…if you’d asked me last night what these two little words conjured up in my head, I’d have said “A great song by Coldplay.”… but ask me this same question today and I’d have a different answer. “Oh, you mean like those little red lights that showed up on my car’s dash yesterday that I ignored? The same ones that were there this morning (now four instead of two) just before my car conked out?” Yeah. Like THOSE warning signs. [Read more…]

How to “Fancify” Everyday Fruit

applesThis is a good way to “jazz up” everyday fruits into something a little more fancy for dessert. It’s easy to make and it’s so good! This recipe is was inspired by a recipe I found on Bon Appetit’s February 2008 issue.

Apples in Honey and Pine Nut Caramel with Creme Fraiche

Ingredients for 2 small servings, but can be easily doubled, tripled

* 2 tbsp. unsalted butter
* 1 firm but ripe Pink Lady or Gala apple (or pears, etc…just experiment!), peeled corked and halved or quartered; quartered cooks faster
* 1 generous tablespoon of mild honey (such as orange blossom or clover)
* 1 tbsp. pine nuts
* tiny pinch of kosher salt
* optional:  creme fraiche, whipped cream or cheese such as cottage cheese…yummy


1. Cook butter in pan over med-high heat until it begins to brown.
2. Place apples cut side down into the pan with melted butter.
3. Drizzle honey over apples. Slightly swirl pan to blend butter and honey that has trickled down the pan.
4. Reduce heat to medium and cover. Cook until the apples are tender but not too soft (they will break if overcooked). Don’t forget to swirl the pan occasionally. You can add water, by half-tablespoons, if caramel turns too dark before the apples get tender. Depending on the cut of the apples, it might be cooked and tender in 10-15 minutes.
5. Flip apples to get some of the syrup on the other side.
6. Transfer apples onto your serving plate.
7. Put back your pan with caramel sauce to medium-high heat; add pine nuts and salt.
8. Cook for about 2 minutes until the sauce is brown and bubbling. Spoon sauce over apples and serve.
9. Top with your choice of topping or eat on its own

Joy is a web professional who is passionate about food and cooking. She and her fiance call their ‘online kitchen’ where they share their experiments with recipes, kitchen tools and gadgets, dining out, or discovering new ingredients and healthy food alternatives.

Pajama Party Credits

Our theme word for 2009 is CONNECTION. 1) We’re all connected and 2) We just can’t do anything ALONE…and it wouldn’t be any FUN if we did!


1 pajama party

3 hours

1,382 attendees

46 Winners

$1,207 for

Although gratitude is ongoing, we want to take a [page] to thank everyone who stepped up to pull of this stunt in less than 10 days.

Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets, including our ludite friends in the real world (Yeah, I saw YOU on there too!). And we’re working on the drawing! Scroll down to the end for WINNER’S LIST!

Thank you to everyone who promoted, linked to, tweeted about the fundraiser. We made it to #3 on last night… just above Britney Spears!

Wondering what we’re talking about? Here’s the scoop! And yes, we taped the whole thing so don’t miss out on the great expert entrepreneurial advice from guest PJ Party-ers: Guy Kawasaki, Lewis Howes, and Elena Verlee as well as words from the trenches — business owners in attendance! [Read more…]

How to Honor the Seasons

springSpring. I am watching the tulips burst open with such force I can practically hear them. It’s amazing how the ground that was so still just a few months ago, is now surging with life. I’m noting how our lives are cyclical too. A part of me died in the fall, with the autumn leaves. I spent the winter in introspection, understanding and filing away the lessons from my past. Along with the daffodils, I’ve felt the forward momentum of spring. [Read more…]

It’s a Pajama Party (virtual) LIVE April 14th: Helping Women in Kenya

We hosted a My Mommy Manual Pajama Party to help raise money for Mom It Forward and The 12 for 12K Challenge’s joint mission for April/May to help empower women in Kenya. Our intention was to take our mission of “onnecting through practical and inspired tips” beyond the written page to the LIVE experience!

So Practical Mommy and I were on for our first ever Pajama Party LIVE on Tuesday, April 14 from 6-9pm CST. We raised money for the cause, with people joining the party in their PJ’s from home for giggles, live music, and of course, Practical and Inspired Tips!

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Welcome to the PAJAMA PARTY!!!

On Tuesday, April 14 at 8pm CST we shared practical and inspired tips, amazing prizes, and great girl bonding time! In case you missed it and have a spare three hours, check it out below! Our theme was Women Entrepreneurs and special guests Guy Kawasaki, Lewis Howes and Elena Verlee shared their tips on entrepreneurship, networking and PR.

Was this type of content helpful and valuable to you? We would love your feedback! We are constantly striving to over-deliver so please leave a comment below if you want to see more programming like this from My Mommy Manual.


Note that that the company name will show up as Basa Body LLC. This widget will be active through April.

1) Make a $12 donation with the 12 for 12k ChipIn widget for

2) For EVERY $12 donation you make to the Pajama Party Raffle, you will receive one entry in the raffle. Think of it as $12/ticket. If you donate $120, you get 10 tickets. You can specify the item(s) you want those tickets to go towards by putting the item’s raffle number in the box labeled “Send Comments to the organizer,” which appears AFTER you’ve completed the payment process.

• For a $12 donation that I wanted to go towards Creativille’s banner ad, I would enter “4” in the special instructions box.

• For a $36 donation, I could enter: “3,4,5” (if I wanted 1 ticket each for the Platinum Pass, the Web Banner Ad, and Myself Belts)

• Or, if I wanted all 3 tickets to go towards Myself Belts, I would enter “3,3,3” in the special instructions box.

We’ll be using to pick the winners. Redemption codes will be sent email so when you get the confirmation message from aWeber from Practical Mommy, please open it and follow the instructions, k?

Let’s Partay!!!


(1) The Ultimate LinkedIn Tool Kit from @lewishowes ($247 value)

(2) $145 worth of  “PR in Your Pajamas” eBooks from @pajamaspr (who is also calling in with tips for Mom Entrepreneurs)

(3) Platinum Pass to Affiliate Summit East in NYC  from @MissyWard ($999 value)

(4) Web banner ad from @creativille ($300 value)

(5) $300 worth of copyediting from @MissIve

(6) $100 gift certificate from 2 Little Stars

(7) Three Myself Belts ($50 value)

(8) 2-$50 gift certificates from @jgoode

(9) 4 pairs of lollipop jeans custom embellished for the cause from @Sweetpeazz

(10) $50 gift certificate from Periwinklebloom

(11) $50 gift certificate from Distinctively Divine

(12) 2-$50 gift certificates from Ruby’s Secret Stash

(13) A one-of-a-kind cashmere scarf from Angelina Accoutrements

(14) One month of positive parenting coaching from My Mommy Manual ($297 value)

(15) 2-$50 gift certificates from BeautiControl

(16) $50 gift certificate from Stork Gifts

(17) 4 Starter Kits from Better Life Organic Cleaning Products (@cleanhappens)

(18) $50 gift certificate from Artistic Sensations

(19) $50 gift certificate from RedWagonPresents

(20) Ubuntu Hoody ($50) from @MotherTongues

(21) Alltop T-Shirt and his book, Reality Check from @GuyKawasaki

(22) 2 Maclaren Mac Sac Diaper Bags from CSN Baby ($75 each)

(23) Autographed copy of Journalution from @sandygrason

(24) Pajama Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear ($70)

(25) $50 gift certificate from Peekaboo Kids Gear

(26) $50 gift certificate from Red Wagon Presents

And of course, 3 sets of PJ’s and robes from (27) SleepyHeads

In case you’re more of a visual person, here’s a SHORT video on how to enter the raffle:

Pajama Party Credits

How to Receive Love

loveme“love me, love because I’m different… a true one of a kind! with tons of wear and tear and maybe a few flaws. embrace me for what I am, make me your favorite! when in need i will comfort you guaranteed!”

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How to Pamper Mom with Chicken Wontons

chicken_wontonsIn this VIDEO, Chef Roman personal chef of Kangaroo Catering in St. Louis shares his recipe for chicken wontons, a party and every day favorite. Easy. Yummy. For the recipe, send an email to chefroman (at) kangaroocatering (dot) com

I want a personal chef! 😀