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How to Celebrate Moms!

We’re taking it LIVE! … and in person. My Mommy Manual is celebrating MOMS with a party in the real world. It’s a free event for the whole family but It’s ALL about MOM! … shop for gifts for moms, Mom’s Day themed kid crafts, tasty samples, style makeovers, massages, wine tasting…. RSVP by April 15 to win fabulous raffle prizes. We’ve got almost $3,000 worth of attendance prizes, folks!

If you’re in St. Louis, join us! It’s the My Mommy Manual Experience… yes, practical and inspired tips… LIVE! AND we’ll be broadcasting LIVE via for our extended virtual community. Tune in to this page on Saturday, May 2. If you have friends and family attending, you may just catch them on screen… so *wave* from the chatroom, okay?

It’s ALL About MOM Recap

4 hours • 20 vendors • close to $3,000 in prizes • 350+ attendees




Click here to download printable color invite or black and white flyer


How to Enjoy the Journey

lauraI don’t think that the wonder/amazement/awe of being a parent has stopped for me yet! I have a 7 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. When I enter their rooms in the mornings to wake them up for school, I sometimes just stare at them in amazement. How beautiful they are! How much they’ve changed & grown! Wondering what their futures hold!

Every age & stage they have been through has had something new & wonderful for me as a mom…from their first smiles, to their first words, first day of school…the list could go on forever!
It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff with work and kids, but it’s so important to take a step back once in a while and just appreciate these gifts from God!

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How to Understand Your Career Direction

mazeUnknown to many people, I wanted to pursue a business degree in marketing as my undergraduate studies but my parents insisted that I choose a career in math or science because I was “good at it.” Listening to my parents, I bounced back and forth between nursing and pre-med with neither option really being an ideal fit. I made it through a grueling four years of science, labs, clinical rotations, and jumping through hoops before realizing that I hadn’t chosen the ideal career path. [Read more…]

How to Choose Childcare

Should I consider an au pair in my childcare search?

Are you currently evaluating your childcare options? Have you considered an au pair, but don’t really know what an au pair is or better yet, how it is spelled? Au pair, apar, aupper?

If so, you are not alone. I’m here to help answer some of your high level questions about au pair programs.

Au pairs are generally foreign-born women between the ages of 18 and 26 that come to the States to experience life as a US citizen. They come from countries around the world, mostly originating from countries like Thailand, Latin America, South Africa and Germany. Many are longing to experience the world, sharpen their English skills and gain freedom from their families for a 12-month period. [Read more…]

How to Forgive

monkey_barsI was at the playground the other day with my kids and my 7 year old was reaching for the third rung of the monkey bars, which is still just beyond her reach. As I watched, I could feel myself tense up and in an effort to “help,” I heard myself thinking about all the things she could do to “improve her performance.” But I said nothing. In fact, I had to turn away because I had a sense that she was looking to me for approval that she was “doing it right.” I didn’t trust myself not to express my own frustration, although well meaning, which would come through as judgement. [Read more…]

How to Recognize Grace

bio-picHmmm… realizing my ‘momminess’ seems to occur every day. I have been gracefully giving in for some time now (and often not so gracefully). Recently, my daughter and I were screaming at each other, raging madness. I classically ‘pulled the car over’ and jumped out to look her in the eye, I was serious about whatever it was we were discussing. She so badly wanted to take a swing at me, her little hand clenched and trembling, pretending she had no intention, tears streaming…I bit my lip and loved her enough to let her hate me for that moment. And realized how deeply we were connected and how strongly my role requiring patience and calm and laughter had just been defined.

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Tyler is the woman behind Periwinklebloom, a company that is about simple, inspired and kind living. It is about making art using natural things; organic cotton fibers, vegetable-based ink, clean energy and hand-crafting.

Periwinklebloom will be showcasing their exquisite organic letterpress paper goods and and 100% organic cotton children’s collection at our pre-Mother’s Day Celebration, It’s All About Mom.

How to Be Enough

self_loveOne thing parenthood is good for on the path to spiritual growth is showing us our limitations. Last Friday I met a few of mine and let me tell you…they are a scary looking bunch. The sort of fellows a girl doesn’t want to find her self alone with in a dark alley.

Last week, I got feedback from a near stranger that nailed me right between the eyes. She took one of my greatest strengths – being a leader – and flipped it over to expose me for the equally poor follower that I am. This feedback wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to hear. It sort of knocked me off my feet because on some level, I knew she was right. She had seen a flaw in me and she let me know it, leaving me to [Read more…]

How to Open Your Windows and Doors


I had a little freak out last night, folks. A completely irrational/completely emotional (whichever way you want to look at it) reaction to an external circumstance. I discovered that someone that I feel I am in complete dis-harmony with was encroaching on my personal space, my “safe place.” I surprised myself at how angry I got. I got so angry that I actually went back and made a comment on Zen Mommy’s post on Accepting the Unacceptable. My #themeword is AUTHENTICITY and here was someone who represents everything spurious… a lie… a fake… that which I name as the most unacceptable, coming into MY SPACE. And bless her, ZM called me with some of her wisdom… “Whatever this triggers in you is what you get to forgive.”


[Read more…]

How to Get Gourmet with Leftovers

(a recession-friendly recipe from @gourmeted)

gourmeted_crustless_quicheFancy, Yet Easy, Leftover-Saver Recipe

These days everyone is trying to save money where they can and I think we are all becoming smarter consumers because of it. When it comes to food, not only are we more conscious of the way we shop for groceries, but also finally taking a closer look into our own refrigerators and pantries. Who knew there’s a lot in there that we never noticed before? I was going through our pantry the other day and discovered all the canned goods that we thought we’ve run out of. Duh! We are all making the most of our meals and leftovers, and getting more creative in the kitchen. It sure is the sign of the times, but definitely a good change.

Here’s where this easy quiche recipe comes in: it’s a great way to use leftovers to give them a fancy twist, without the fancy cost and too much work. All you need are milk, cream, cheese, butter, and bread crumbs–which are usually readily available in your kitchen–and your choice of (leftover) ‘filling’ (any meat and/or vegetable, I like them sauteed and seasoned first). Put it together, leave it in the oven to bake for 25 minutes and serve it. Now that’s my kind of weekday meal! [Read more…]

How to be Grateful for What Is

r_perryI had been parenting my oldest for 2 years when I found out I was pregnant again. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to have the family of my dreams. I miscarried at 17 weeks. This brought about 4 years of secondary infertility and all sorts of treatments and shots and 3 more miscarriages.

We decided to adopt. I had spoken to about 3 birth moms and then the phone stopped ringing. I was rather depressed but determined. I found out I was pregnant in March of ’95. Because my miscarriage rate was so high, I thought I might miss again, so I kept up with my adoption ads, but cut back some what. One week after I knew I was pregnant, I heard back from a birth mom. She said it had taken her those last 3 months to really make up her mind and she was due in May. My son was born on the 7th. We flew out to Utah when I was 14 weeks pregnant to pick up our son. It was love before first sight.

When my daughter was born the following October, My husband brought my sons to the hospital. Imagine the faces of the nurses when they saw my 6 year old, my 5 month old and a newborn all on my hospital bed. The smile on my face was now permanent and I realized at that moment that this was truly the way my family was meant to be. I now am grateful for my many misses because I would not have the complete love and joy of parenting my middle son.

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Roberta is the owner of Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc. Roberta and Scrubz were recently featured in the Long Island Exchange.