17 Weeks: Childbirth

brass tacksMy doctor’s visit last week made the birth of our babies feel that much closer. After our ultrasound which showed two beautiful, healthy babies, my doctor and I got down to brass tacks.


I’d like to have these babies naturally and she’d prefer I had an epidural. She made her case. She was sympathetic to understanding how I wanted things, but let me know that in her opinion, having an epidural would help her better pace their deliveries. Pacing them… not really my focus to date. Where as I’ve grown accustom to creating a near “home-birth” environment in the hospital with our prior two births, she let me know that we would, in fact, need to deliver our bundles of joy in the operating room. Apparently, being in the OR in case of an emergency with Baby B’s delivery is the norm. This rules out another hope of Shawn and mine… to have our two children present for the twins births. All this said, I really like my doctor. She is gentle and informative in her sharing and takes the time to talk, which I respect. I figure we have 7+ more prenatal visits to trade questions/facts/opinions on how things will go come delivery.

All this has made me want to do one thing… RESEARCH. I woke up this morning an extra hour early with google on my mind. Since we learned we were pregnant with twins, I have purposely avoided googling about “birth/delivery” specific to multiples. I know how alarming medical information on the internet can be, and I figured I just didn’t need that. Now that we are nearing the half way mark… my feelings have changed. Bring on the information.


I want to share three things I found with you.

#1: A video that not only makes a touching and beautiful case for full term, natural multiple deliveries, but  home birth as well. Not that it says it’s better all the time… it just says it’s possible, and reminds us mamas to BELIEVE. Just because 60% of all twins are deliverd via Cesarian doesn’t mean we need to go there as well.

#2: An article writen by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, author of “Mothering Multiples”, and other books. She is a lactation consultant and La Leche League Leader, and had a planned homebirth for a singleton baby. So although very pro-natural birth and even home birth, this article makes a great case FOR birthing twins in a hospital setting. She doesn’t weigh in on epidural vs. no epidural, nor does she mention needing to be in the ER to deliver twins (even if birth is going well.) I’d LOVE to get her thoughts on these two things. (Crossing my fingers and toes that she stumbles into this blog and comments!!!)

#3 A BIRTH PLAN template for multiples that can be easily modified (I’ve already started working on on ours!) by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada as well. And here’s a great birth plan to copy and modify from Kathy and Scott if you are having a “singleton”. Ha. I’ve had two of those and never knew it until all this reading up on birth. 😉


OK. So per last weeks post, I am “getting in the center” of my pregnancy and upcoming births. No longer scared of what I might read (or see), I’m all about the information. As I find informative sites, I’ll post them in the comment section below. And if you have some favorites, please do the same.

Knowledge is power. Let’s step right into the thick of things ladies!!! Hope you are doing well this week. Post ‘ya later. Smiles.

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